It’s 18th of September and people in Haugesund are sweating in long sleeves and scarfs. An unexpected heatwave rolled over us after many rainy weeks.

I was lucky to only have a short day at uni today, so I was able to enjoy the most beautiful autumn day outdoors, (and sweat in long sleeves, haha!) and walk an extra round in the city center before going home.

Also one, completely unexpected thing was that I ended up cooling down in a church. They happened to have open doors just for today and after living here for 3,5 years, I was finally able to see how the church is like inside. I don’t know what I expected, but it was absolutely breathtaking.

With these colorful pictures, I want to wish you all a happy week! Has autumn arrived in your hometown yet?

– Jenni


You can’t be sad when there are sunflowers in sight
Haugesund buildings
The cutest blue houses


Haugesund buildings
A building like no other in this town



Haugesund old buildings
Old architecture + sushi = all good
Haugesund old houses
Beautiful details above the eye level
Haugesund fishermen statue
Fisherman’s friends
Haugesund graveyard
A graveyard located in the city center
Haugesund graveyard
Quiet and peaceful
Iron fence details
Haugesund park
The park is surrounded by old buildings
Haugesund park
Signs of autumn
Haugesund statue
What’s the story behind this statue?
Haugesund pavilion
Who doesn’t love pavilions?
Haugesund pavilion
Can’t wait to see this in true autumn colors!
Haugesund vår frelsers kirke
Church in the heart of the city
Haugesund vår frelsers kirke
Beautiful outside
Haugesund vår frelsers kirke
And most definitely beautiful inside

Haugesund vår frelsers kirke20180918_1339317538617493271420055.jpgHaugesund vår frelsers kirke20180918_1339598007641505184266524.jpg

So cute!
Haugesund street
On the way home

4 Replies to “Autumn is canceled (just for today)”

  1. Here in Warsaw the same, very warm week! The temps in beetween 25C to even 30C! Today is almost heatwave and is getting warmer… From the other side I bought ginger tea already because in the night it is been about 15C only. Beautiful and interesting images! Lovely place to live in 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, so summer is just continuing in Warsaw! We have had max +15 for weeks and its back to normal after that one warm day we had in between. But I’m ready for the sweaters so it’s ok :).


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