Autumn is a beautiful, cozy season surrounding us with lovely, warm colors. A season made for cozy evenings with the loved ones. It’s also the time when we start losing more and more of the natural light and it can suddenly make us feel blue.

I notice myself having less energy and getting easily tired when it gets darker outside. That’s why I wrote myself a list of things that make me enjoy this change of season a little bit more and I hope there is something for you too. Autumn is a lovely season after all!

1. Cozy home. Having a clean home with some cute candles and warm blankets are sometimes all you need to get the cozy, relaxing feeling. Adding a good book or movie makes it even better.

2. Knitting and other crafts. I love everything creative so I want to fill my spare time with something that stimulates my brain and helps me to relax. Knitting is my favorite, but actually, any type of creative activity does the job.

3. Tea and other warm drinks. Morning coffee is the best thing I know, but after that on the list comes tea (white tea with strawberry is my favorite at the moment). I have also created a passion for a lemon-ginger drink that I drink at least once a day. It makes me feel energetic and it’s super good for the skin!


4. Spicy food. I really enjoy spicy food but especially when it gets colder outside. The easiest way is to spice up normal meals with a hint of chili or cayenne pepper. I just love food that has a taste!

5. Extra vitamins. Vitamins are needed all year round so we can to stay healthy and active. That’s why it’s so important to get vitamins wherever you can: from fruits, berries or from a jar. Having smoothies is my favorite way of getting vitamins.

6. Making small plans for every week (outside of school and work). Cozying at home is nice but it’s also good to step outside. Going for a walk, meeting friends or finding a hobby that takes you out of the house. Whatever makes you happy. Achieving small goals makes you feel better but also makes you want to achieve more.

7. Yoga. It’s just to find the right one for yourself. For me, finding balance in the hectic weeks means yoga or pilates.


8. Blogging. I love blogging. I enjoy writing and taking pictures and the moment of finally publishing the post after a lot of editing and other work, yes! Actually, everything about blogging is fun, not just writing your own blog but also connecting with fellow bloggers and your readers. Especially on autumn and winter, I feel like I have more time to sit down and write.

9. Spending time with your family and friends. Well, this one works any time of the year. Spending time with the people close to your heart is just the best and can make any day or week so much better. I wish I had my family closer (or even in the same country!) but luckily we are visiting each other quite often. I love them. They make any rainy day a bright one.

10. Enjoying the moment. Not everything has to be something super special and planned to actually make it feel special. Most of the time it’s the small things that really matter. It’s good to see beauty in the brief moments of our everyday lives.


What are your thoughts about autumn? Are you ready for it?

– Jenni

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