I’m a summer child and enjoy spending most of the hot summer days outside. It means that I and good sun lotion are an inseparable team.

This year I got to test something completely new and exciting to me: an organic sun spray. Thanks for this opportunity goes to the House of Organic. They kindly sent this product (and a few others presented later on the blog) all the way from Finland to me to test. Now, after a few weeks of testing in good summer weather, I am ready to give my honest review.

The product that I got to test is “Certified Organic Sun Spray SPF30” from Alga Maris. Alga Maris is a French label that provides only certified organic products, including sun products for the whole family.

The spray itself is handy to use and the best part of it is its fragrance: it smells mildly fresh coconuts and shea butter. The texture is pleasant because it feels very light on the skin. Also, it doesn’t get sticky during the day. The only minus side I got to notice was the product leaving small white marks on the skin. But that’s the problem with most sun lotions and sprays.

SPF 30 means high coverage and that’s enough for a fair to medium type of skin. My skin is quite fair but tans easily. I noticed that some of the days when the sun was really scorching, I could have had higher SPF especially on my face but most of the days SPF30 was enough. I had already gotten some tan before I got this product on my hands, so it’s very possible that I would have needed a higher SPF in the beginning.

Here are my pluses and minuses of this product:
+ Lovely scent
+ Easy to use and pleasant texture
+ Long-lasting coverage
+ Organic and also Ecocert and Cosmébio certified
– Not as waterproof as I had hoped
– Left white marks on the skin
So all in all, I was very pleased with this product and Alga Maris in general. Compared to the non-organic products on the market, this one definitely stands on the same line when it comes to protecting your skin and texture wise. I can recommend this sun spray and I’m sure that for me this is just a beginning of finding new favorites in organic range. I was very positively surprised.

Also, I didn’t know before that some of the sun lotions on the market are actually polluting the waters and damaging nature. Alga Maris sun products are environment-friendly so you can feel free to go swimming in the sea.

Remember that enjoying the sun safely is the most important thing you can do for your skin so good sun protection should always include high enough SPF. Also covering your skin from the strongest mid-day sun rays, and having breaks in shade are highly recommended. And drinking enough water, especially on hot days is a must!

Everything you need for an organic skincare, you can find here. House of Organic have super friendly customer service and they have the knowledge to recommend products directly to you. They are shipping only in Finland at the moment, but their international website and shop are launching soon so have a sneak peak. At the moment there is a lot of quality products in a summer sale.

Happy summer days! And I’m so happy to be back to blogging :)!

– Jenni

4 Replies to “Alga Maris Organic Sun Spray”

    1. It’s so disgusting when suncream makes your face all shiny and sticky. This one was a really positive surprise among many others that I have tested :).


  1. I’m a summer child too! Love that this sun spray is organic. Ooh, I am totally on board with it smelling like fresh coconuts! It’s a bummer that it’s not as waterproof as it claims to be. At least there were more pluses!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, definitely more pluses! I haven’t found a sun product yet that is waterproof but I’m ok with applying more layers especially if the scent is good😊


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