You could say that May is the final countdown to summer. Spring has taken a lot longer than usual to arrive this year, but I’m hoping that only means a warmer and longer summer. Because of all the changes in weather, it was not until now that I was able to let go of all the thick clothes and say hello to the pretty and light spring and summer clothes and accessories. It’s about time to welcome the warmer season!

When I went through the storage I also found this summer bag that I had made two years ago. It’s the first and so far the only one I’ve ever made, but since it was quite a lot of fun to make, I’m sure it wasn’t the last one either.

I used basic cotton yarn to crochet the bag itself, and I also had small recycled leather pieces to work with and add the finishing touches. So, apart from the leather handle that I got from an old handbag, it’s all handmade. Adds a touch of summer to any outfit, so it’s perfect time to take it to use. I really hope we get the warm breath of spring to continue.

How is the spring weather there where you are? Have you been able to get rid of your winter clothes yet?

– Jenni


 Summer bag


 Summer bag


 Summer bag


 Summer bag


 Summer bag

Parin vuoden takainen kesäkassi osui taas silmiini, kun lajittelin kesävaatteita ja asusteita kaappiin talvivaatteiden tilalle. Tuli heti kesäinen fiilis, ja nyt toivonkin, että tänä kesänä saadaan nauttia vähän enemmän auringosta kuin viime vuonna! Joko siellä on saanut jättää talvivaatteet unholaan?

18 Replies to “Summer bag”

  1. That’s a beautiful bag! The weather here has gotten a bit warmer, in the mid 60s. I much prefer the cold, rain and snow. We went to get our fans out of storage today so that I don’t melt. Thanks for another great post!


  2. Oh thank you so much! I prefer knitting over crochet but it's always fun to try something different. It would be fun to make one bag for a giveaway, maybe some day it will happen :).


  3. Thank you Nicola :)! I love bags too, they are so great to change the whole look of your outfit. I'm also sure that they say that women can never have too many bags ;).


  4. Love how you're summer ready with the cute bag! I love how you made the bag so 100000x points for creativity and uniqueness. Pretty neat that you incorporated some recycled leather pieces as well. Love how it turned out!


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