I’ve been bitten by a huge inspiration bug lately (well, when wouldn’t I be, heh!) and that’s exactly what I have been doing: moving furniture, small things and plants back and forth. This post is just part 1 of many so there is more to come later.

There is a wall/corner in our kitchen that has felt boring and plain since we moved here. I haven’t been sure what it has been missing but obviously, it was some green. I took few plants from our living room since we have so many there and they found a new place in the kitchen corner. Now it looks so much more alive and happy corner!

We are really pleased with the change and I personally think that the boring corner doesn’t look boring at all anymore. What do you think? Do you use plants to decorate at home?

– Jenni


Meidän viherkasvikokoelma on nyt levittäytynyt myös keittiöön. Tylsä keittiön nurkkaus sai pirteän ilmeen muutamalla viherkasvilla. Miltä näyttää? Onko sinulla kasveja keittiössä luomassa tunnelmaa?

20 Replies to “Spring in the kitchen”

  1. That looks great! I move my furniture around all the time. It makes everything look fresh and like-new. It’s fun and my husband doesn’t complain because I do the moving myself. The exercise it great and the results are worth the effort.


  2. Yes, exactly what I do too :)! My boyfriend is also ok with all of this because I do most of it by myself. He even teaches me how to use different (power) tools etc. so I think it's his way to say “Go for it!”.


  3. I have been doing the same thing lately too! I have a hard time with real plants that are within reach of the animals though so I have to get creative. I’m really craving a fiddle leaf fig plant but I love how you’ve got the hanging philodendron!!


  4. Maybe it's a spring thing to do, to freshen up everything! It's always tricky with plants and pets, especially with cats. Fiddle leaf figs are really cool :).


  5. Love how you took the inspirational energy and made something cute out of your kitchen! It's always good to have plants because they bring life into the room. Thanks for sharing these changes :). Have a great weekend!



  6. Thank you so much :). I feel like we got so much more positive energy in the kitchen with the plants that even the cloudier days seem a lot brighter :).


  7. Seems like very good solution! This hanging plant surely is bringing you joy and some wholesome vibe… Personally I cannot own any hanging plants because of Claire -Genevieve. In general your kitchen is lovely, I adore white interiors with potplants! My kitchen is tiny and not big so I have only a few herbs there. I also need to do some work at home 🙂


  8. Thank you Claire :)! I know how cats and plants can be… Not a good combination. Everything has to be put up in the ceiling or it will be eaten or knocked down :D. Herbs are really nice too and also bring color and life to the room. We have only one basil at the moment but hopefully some other herbs like coriander later.


  9. Haha, good way to get sleepy! I also think that plants are the best decoration to have, that's why we have so many of them :D. It's good to bring some life indoors especially on winter time.


  10. The wall looks lovely. I like to use plants for home decor but haven’t thought of Hanging plants the way you have done it! Thanks for this great idea! Our kitchen is not that big maybe I will try it somewhere in iur living room 🙂


  11. Thank you :)! Our kitchen is not the biggest either so it's always a little struggle to find new solutions to decorate. Maybe that's why I realized I have to use the ceiling as well 😀


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