On a sunny day like this, there’s no denying that I am in love with Haugesund. This small town might seem like it’s a sleepy one but a little bit of sun and warmth and you can feel it’s beating heart again. And when I say a small town, I mean 36 000 inhabitants so it’s not like a small village. But feels still quite tiny for a girl from a city that has a population of 642 000 (I’m talking about Helsinki here).

Located on the coastline of Norway, Haugesund has a lot of waterlines and the city center is basically build to have easy contact with the fishermen and fishing industry back in the days. Because back in the day, Haugesund was mainly known for its huge source of herring and it’s still one of the things that locals are very proud of. Even an International Jazz Festival that is being held in Haugesund,  is called “Sildajazz” which can be translated directly to “Herring Jazz”. Funny detail, right?

The Norwegian International Film Festival is also being held in Haugesund every year, just after the jazz festival, so there sure happens a lot for a small city at that time. But most of the times it’s just a pretty little place with a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.
On a sunny day, it’s just so beautiful in here. Have a small tour in Haugesund!
Haugesund City Hall
Spring flowers
Sign of spring

Marilyn enjoying the view

The landmark of Haugesund, The bridge

Boat season is here!

The main restaurant street

I love the architecture of the harbor

“Haraldsgata” is the main street of the city center

I hope you all got the same, cozy feeling of the little tour to my hometown as I did. When it rains, it’s easy to forget how much beauty there really is around here. Luckily there are sunny days like this as a reminder.

– Jenni

22 Replies to “Haugesund on a sunny day”

  1. It seems like this town must be a gorgeous spot to live in… I adore small towns! All my live I've been living here in Warsaw, but luckily this is almost outskirts. Warsaw is too big for me and overcrowded. I do not like it. In Warsaw we have around 2 000 000 inhabitants, if the people from all of those small cities around Warsaw are not included… But they usually work here and make the unbearable crowd! I know one small town in Poland Słupsk, where my family live and I see there is much better to live, in quiet and slow way… So maybe I will live in some smaller place in the future, but now it is not possible. Here is also sunny nowadays 🙂


  2. I like small towns too. Sometimes it just feels like I want to see more people :D. But there's both good and bad sides in big and small places. I hope you get to live in a place that fits your desires. But great to hear it's sunny there too; sun makes everything so much nicer! I think we're moving to a slightly bigger city one day. But who knows really :).


  3. I have always wanted to head to Norway and seeing the photos on your blog and reading about Haugesund makes me feel like I have traveled there to see what it has to offer. I cant wait to see it in person some day.


  4. The pictures are so pretty and idyllic! With the deep blue sky and all the colorful houses… Norway always looks gorgeous, I'd love to visit one day!
    Maybe during the Jazz festival? I love music festivals, my own home town has a yearly jazz festival, too, and it totally transforms the atmosphere!


  5. Oh, then you probably know exactly how everything changes during the jazz festival time! It's like a completely different place with a lot of new people. Norway is a stunningly beautiful place, just like the rest of the Scandinavia. Definitely worth a visit :).


  6. Haugesund is really a cute city with a lot of old, wooden buildings. On a sunny day there is nothing better than going for a walk around the city and in the nature nearby!


  7. You know, it might seem like a lot of people but most of them live elsewhere than in the city center so you never see them :D. It's the national day of Norway 17th of May when everyone is in the city center and then it's actually crowded!


  8. I really like small towns! I wish there was bigger cities a little closer, just to visit sometimes, but maybe that's part of the charm to be surrounded by nature :).


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