There are so many good sides to every season. With all the increased amount of light, spring is most definitely the season when it’s time to create new, re-organize, de-clutter and of course do a good spring clean at home. You feel like it’s new life and new you. I wanted to share my top 5 of spring so here it is!
1. Walking around the city center and having a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop. Actually, my favorite thing in any season is walking around our city center but especially in spring. I love looking at the old, beautiful buildings and “window shop” and just gather new ideas.




2. Re-decorating at home. Old furniture gets a completely new look when you move them around and add them differently together. Getting new ideas while window shopping and reading those ah, glossy decorative magazines help to see your old furniture on a new pair of eyes. I turned our office corner into a cozy corner and it became my favorite spot of the house immediately! (It’s a work in process so more pics will be coming later.)



3. Cleaning outside and enjoying the new life. Absolutely my favorite thing as soon as the snow melts away and the ground is not completely frozen. I love working in our yard and garden and spring is the perfect time to plan. I can’t wait to sit outside in the sun when it gets a little bit warmer, and I can’t wait for the first freckles to appear on my nose!



4. Going through my wardrobe. Every spring there is something that I want to get rid off immediately and something that I fall in love again. Putting things on sale on the internet or second-hand stores is a cool way to get rid of old clothes and you also might make a small profit at the same time. By the way, is it possible to own too many striped shirts? My answer is no…


5. Easter. I don’t have any specific relationship to Easter but I really love all the colorful decorations that come along with it! Last year my mom was visiting me here from Finland and she got me the most adorable Easter napkins. Now I just have to find all the other Easter decorations and get some color to our house.


So these were my top 5 things of spring. I’m writing this post on my new favorite place, the cozy corner and sipping on coffee. Sun is shining and it couldn’t feel more like spring is here. I think it’s soon time to run out and hunt those freckles! What do you enjoy most about spring?

P.s. The giveaway I mentioned earlier will be in my next post, stay tuned!

61 Replies to “My favorite things about spring”

  1. Your reading corner is superb! I am in awe and of course I want something like this, but from the other side I am sure my dog will take this place for herself lol 🙂 I feel so happy that spring has arrived… Really I needed more sun 🙂


  2. I'm glued to the reading corner and I moved my books there too. I love it! Our dog has so short legs that he can't jump there alone. He likes to lay on the floor though: it's sunny and warm :).


  3. Ahhh yes this is giving me hope right now, it's so cold in Canada (it was snowing this morning). I'm just going to keep visualizing sunshine and flowers and maybe it'll happen…that's how weather works right?


  4. I hope that's how it works hehee. I think we're all done with the on-off snow. But I'm sure that spring is arriving there soon. It's just around the corner :)!


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