February is the month of the year when I start waking up of hibernation. Whenever there is more natural light, I have noticed over the years that it works on me like magic: I get so active and energetic that I’m like a new person.

This is the time of the year when we can see new life also in green plants after the long, dark winter. Like us humans, also plants need light to grow bigger and stronger. It’s quite easy to notice when you have surrounded yourself with them and that’s exactly what we have done: we have a lot of green plants around us at home. A lot. The accurate amount is 29 and I have a feeling that there is still more to come…

Personally, I like indoor plants so much because I can create a space that has a lot of life and good energy in it even when it’s grey and cold outside. In my opinion, plants make every home look very cozy. Exotic plants also remind me of different places in the world. And they clear the air, not the least!

I really enjoy working with plants indoors and in summertime outdoors and find it a very relaxing hobby. Luckily my boyfriend has also a big green thumb so we share the passion for this together. We did a lot of replanting last weekend because many of the plants looked tired and some of them also needed bigger pots.

I hope these pictures can share the spring vibe to all of you that most of us are so eagerly waiting for. Spring is coming, it’s ahead!


– Jenni







Helmikuu on uuden elämän aikaa sekä itselleni että meidän lukuisille viherkasveille, kiitos lisääntyneen luonnonvalon. Toivottavasti tämä vehreys saa kaikille kevään mieleen, vaikka ulkona näkyisikin vielä lunta. Kyllä se kevät sieltä on tuloillaan, hetkenä minä hyvänsä!

40 Replies to “Green life”

  1. Wow, I love your plant collection and am SO jealous! Our windows have a sun-coating (Korea-style) and my potted plants hated it so much that I can only keep them on the kitchen sill. I miss them around my desk so much! Winter is still in full swing here, but hopefully I can get some hardy potted plants soon.


  2. I would love to have that many plants around my home; however, there isn't much sunlight for them to grow. I'm in Summer, but the sun isn't facing the right direction.


  3. You have officially inspired me to get some plants! I love the at home feel it adds to just the areas in the pictures! It’s beautiful! I’m not sure if I could take care of plants, but I’m sure willing to try!


  4. Oh Jenni, you have such magic fingers!! I wish we were are good as you when it comes to handling indoor plants…one of ours is on its way out..and we are a little devastated about it. I cant believe how beautiful and fresh all yours are.


  5. I love plants! They make the space look so much more fresh and open. I'd start with ones easier to look after though �� I'm not that great with them!
    Ellie | elliekblog.blogspot.co.uk xx


  6. I love all the greenery! I'm not much of a green thumb myself but my mother loves orchids so we have at least ten or more in various parts of the house. I'm really looking forward to spring. X


  7. I love indoor plants too! I adore the interiors rich in potplants… I own a few from your I can see here :-). Although for me this is much more difficult because of the little rascal Claire-Genevieve… One day I will show you what she could do with a plant :-((. And I keep in my drfts similar post for some time, I have to launch it too soon 🙂


  8. Oh yes, I can see what you mean by rascal. Our cat used to knock down some of the pots if they were in his way… I can't wait to read your plant post. Maybe you include the little rascal in it? 😀


  9. I thought I commented on this one already :(! I wrote a super long comment as well. Blogger sucks sometimes! I love your indoor plants, they look wonderful. And I agree that indoor plants make the place look cozy :)! There seems to be freshness whenever you see plants in someone’s home!!


  10. Oh my wow 😮 these are some beautiful plants and flowers 🌸 🌱 I think you’re right, they do make homes cozy and can give such a positive vibe. You’ve truly kept these quite lovely and your photography is so beautiful 😍 thanks for sharing the awesome spring vibe!

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com


  11. Oh thank you Lena :)! We love our plants and we have actually “a green corner” in our house, full of plants! Actually my boyfriend had a birthday yesterday and he got one new plant as a gift :D. I wish you a happy spring time!


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