Today I wanted to share a post about how I achieve my goals. This post comes out today because I’ve felt like motivation on school things is the last thing I have right now. I don’t understand where all that energy went that I had at the beginning of the month. Maybe it’s some kind of January blues?

Anyway, let’s start with a small random fact about me: Probably not many know that I have a degree in tourism and I worked as a travel service advisor while I was still living in Finland. I worked in a small office with the most amazing co-workers and the most supporting atmosphere so when I decided to move to Norway, giving up that job was not easy. I still miss those lovely people after three years! And I miss that job where I could plan road trips and ferry trips to varying groups of people. It was truly an inspiring job for me because while helping people to plan on their dream vacations I was able to find new places on the map I never knew existed before!

This thing came to my mind again a few days ago while I was working on a school assignment that I didn’t feel completely comfortable with. I didn’t feel like I was doing something I love and I missed working in that small office. I struggled with the school assignment more than a lot and I just wanted to give up: with the assignment and with the whole studies (little dramatic, I know!).
But then I started to think how many times I wanted to give up while I was studying last time but still I never did. And how it got me that job that I still sometimes miss. And that’s when I realized it’s completely normal thought process to feel unmotivated and it happens to – if not to anyone- at least to the most of us at some point, the total frustration I mean. Those hopeless days that come without asking.

My hopeless day a few days ago was a good reminder for me that we can’t enjoy every single thing all the time, but we can try to remember the goal on the horizon and think of how much it actually means to finally have it in our hands. And that makes those unpleasant tasks bearable.

So, I made a small goal to finish the assignment, I returned it on time and now I’m again one small step closer to my main goal – graduating.

So in a nutshell: setting small goals, like having a weekly or daily plan for all the small tasks can help to keep the focus on the subject. Writing down goals on a planner helps to remember them and you always know what’s ahead and can organize your days and weeks better. At least I feel a lot more relaxed when I have every deadline, exam date, and appointment written down. I know what goals my weeks include.

Also, it’s good to keep in mind that whenever you’re achieving your goals – big or small – it’s always a milestone. So who says you can’t reward yourself a little bit after succeeding these smaller goals as well? I like to reward myself once a month a little bit more with a takeaway from a pizzeria or a sushi restaurant. And that works for me.

If January was a bit of a struggle, we have February starting tomorrow. It means spring is slowly coming ahead and that means more light and energy.

So let’s just say bye bye to January and I wish you all an amazing February!

– Jenni

28 Replies to “How to achieve your goals”

  1. Glad I read this and so I don’t feel so alone in this slump I’ve been in the past couple weeks! No motivation whatsoever to do anything! It’s been terrible! And I felt so badly about it for so long! This was definitely motivating for me which I gravely needed! Great post!


  2. I really agree with your posts! Let's have an amazing February! I really have been down on my goals lately, but indeed; even small goals are a step forward! This post was really motivating!


  3. I 100% agree that making small steps is the key to achieving larger goals. I also believe it's a great way to keep your mind active. I hope February is a good month for you xx


  4. I had no idea that you had a degree in tourism, that's so interesting! I also find setting small weekly goals motivating, I find it works well as you can actually see the progress you're making. I love writing little lists and ticking things off, it really helps me physically see everything i've managed to achieve and focus on the positives rather than the negatives! Great post x

    EscapesAndEpiphanies | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


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