Today has been a perfect winter day here in Haugesund. Me, my boyfriend and our dog had finally a day off from everything else so we were able to take a long walk together to our nearest mountain. If it was days like this every day I wouldn’t have any problem with winter lasting a little bit longer or start earlier.
Whether you like snow or not, doesn’t our small town look quite lovely and cozy with all the snow – especially when you see it from the top of a mountain?

My loved ones ❤

Uno ❤

What is the snowman waiting for?

Time to make snow angels!

A selfie with a snowman 🙂
I hope you liked this wintery post because I have a feeling it might be the last one from Haugesund this winter. I was lucky to enjoy the whole day outside and I had a super fun time with my loved ones!
– Jenni
Haugesundiin on saatu lisää lunta, ja viikon ainoa vapaapäivä oli sopivasti aurinkoisena sunnuntaipäivänä ja lähdimmekin lähivuorelle katselemaan maisemia. Pieni kotikaupunkimme näyttää aika kivalta näin lumen peitossa, eikö? 

52 Replies to “Winter walk”

  1. I love snow! I was really wishing for a white Christmas last time and seeing these amazing photos is really making me sad I didn’t get to experience it. Your town looks like a really cute winter wonderland 😍 I Happy you guys got to have a lovely day outside. Your dog is looks super happy and adorable 😩🐶💕

    xx Lena |


  2. Snow is so beautiful, I never get over the excitement when the first snow falls down. I hope you get white snow this year. Our dog loves snow at least as much as I do so he is super happy and eager when it snows and we take really long walks together :)!


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