It’s the second week of this new year. For me, it meant going back to school as a full-time student. Luckily I have spent amazingly good time and gained a lot of good energy and positivity on our trip in Finland so I’m ready to work hard on my goals again.
I can’t deny that even though I consider my last year a good year, it was most definitely one of the toughest and energy-draining periods in a long time. That’s why I thought it could be a nice reminder for me – and possibly gives someone else tips and ideas that can be helpful when you feel like you’re stuck in studies or struggle with working life.
1. Go for a walk – preferably in nature. Walking outside is one thing I learned to do more and it really helps me when I feel like I have nothing more to give to my schoolwork for example. Deep breaths in the forests can do miracles.
2. Spend time and talk with your loved ones and surround yourself with people who give you positive energy (also pets are part of this positive group in my opinion!). It doesn’t mean we all have to be happy all the time but for example, if someone brings only the bad out of you, is it really a person worth spending your time with? We should learn and grow with the people around us, not become worse versions of ourselves. 
3. Take time for yourself. It’s just as important as spending time with your loved ones. Just listening to yourself, your own thoughts and ideas. Learning to slow down when it’s needed. Sometimes a brief moment just drinking a cup of coffee or tea and dreaming in your own thoughts can be it.


4. Sleep off a bad day. I have found it to be quite a good medicine many times. If I’m too tired, I can’t concentrate too well on anything. There will always be a new day and you can start over.
5. Think positive, do positive. Negative thinking is the last thing that takes us closer to any goals. It’s not always easy to stay positive but you get better the more you can see and feel positivity around you. Start with small things and move to bigger pictures. Do something you love or have always wanted to learn. Life is about ups and downs but we can choose how we handle the lower points.
My tips might sound simple but I feel like it’s often easy to forget that it’s actually the small and simple things we should remember to appreciate and do to become happier. And like I said in my previous post even the smallest steps are steps in the right direction. Still, these are just my opinions and perceptions about the subject and I know there is a lot more out there.
How do you keep yourself in balance when a hectic life is trying to take over you? Feel free to share your tips.

– Jenni

Se on jo toinen viikko uutta vuotta meneillään ja ajattelin kerätä  sen kunniaksi muutaman omasta mielestäni tärkeän asian, joiden avulla selvitä arjen kiireistä ilman että muodostuu hirveää stressiä. Kaikilla on omat keinonsa löytää tasapainoa elämäänsä, ja nämä ovat omiani. Millaisista asioista sinun arkesi tulee mielekkäämmäksi ja mukavammaksi?

80 Replies to “Finding balance”

  1. These are great tips! Walking isn’t something I’ve gotten into recently and it’s so rejuvenating and relaxing it’s helped me balance out the recent stresses! Great tips! I’ll definitely have to incorporate some of these!


  2. Great tips Jenni. Simple yet very effective. I love spending time with positive people who are not judging you all the time. Also, being aware of your thoughts and and detach from them is the best thing you can do keep your sanity! Thansk for sharing!


  3. I need to lean in to these more this time of year! I find it really hard to retain my life balance when we're in the worst part of winter in Minnesota. I think I need to really focus on some of these tips. Thanks for the list!


  4. You're welcome! Winter can be really heavy time and it's extra important to take care of well-being and health. I hope you'll get signs of spring soon there in Minnesota :)!


  5. I don't have many friends that live near, and I don't have girlfriend at the moment. So, I do lot of things by myself. And what kind of things I like to do after a week of work? I do long walks in nature, at least one per month. You can see my last one here:
    Next saturday I will do another one 😛
    I visit gardens and I do lot of of gardening too. Do you know that gardening is one of the main things that is a natural anti-depressant? Like the walks in nature! The japonese call them shinrin-yoku 😉
    Other thing that I like to do is ride my bycicle. I put it in the car, and there I go to a nice place, usually a park ou a place next to the sea and I make some quilometers. Good for physical and mind 🙂
    Have a nice weekend 😉


  6. Gardening and walks in nature are definitely a great way to relax and feel better! I have just gotten a new (old) bike but it has to get fixed first so I can go for bike rides but that's so much fun too! You have very beautiful pictures from your walk :).


  7. I have two bikes! (one is smal and folding, good for put in the car) but unfortunately at the moment I do not have anyone to join me… but fortunately riding a bike is one of the many things you can do yourself!!!
    And you can already see photos of the last walk too 😉


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