Happy new year everyone! It has been too long since my last post so I thought it’s perfect time to share some thoughts with you on the first day of 2018. Completely new year for us to start or continue doing the things we love the most.
I don’t make any new year’s resolutions but I always like to promise myself that the new year will lead me to the right paths in life. It’s good to keep in mind that working for your goals – big or small – will finally take you there. Even with taking baby steps at first you’re still getting closer to the goal with each and every one of those steps.
2017 was all in all a good year for me with its ups and downs. There was happiness but also sadness. I was forced to learn to let go but I also got a lot of love and kindness from people around me. My 2017 led me to many good paths that I can continue on.
I’m hoping that in 2018 our hopes and dreams are again one step closer and we are ready to take the steps towards them. Have an amazing 2018 filled with love!

– Jenni

Viime vuosi oli itselleni antoisa ja sisälsi paljon hyvää, mutta myös suurta surua. Jouduin opettelemaan irti päästämistä, mutta sain myös paljon lämpöä ja rakkautta. Viime vuodelta jäi hyvä pohja jatkaa unelmien tavoittelua myös tänäkin vuonna. Toivon kaikille mahtavaa vuotta 2018 ja toivon, että se on kaikille meille antoisa ja täynnä rakkautta!

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