I’m officially on Holiday now! What could be a better way to start this Holiday than by being nominated for a Christmas Tag? Thank you lovely Bella from lifewithbellan.co.uk by nominating me, that’s so sweet of you! I have never taken part of these nominations before but it’s Christmas and I thought it’s a perfect time to start. And there is more to come, thanks to all the lovely people that have nominated me. But first, the Christmas Tag.

What to do when you’re tagged

– Mention and link back to the person who tagged you
– Nominate as many bloggers as you like, and let them know they’ve been tagged (At least 5)
– You can change the questions to suit your audience more

The questions

1. What’s the traditional Christmas Dinner in your household?
It depends if we’re in Norway or in Finland. Just for example: in Finland my family eats Christmas Ham and fish on Christmas Dinner and in Norway the family tradition is to serve lamb and for dessert “Dronning Maud” that is mainly whipped cream with chocolate chips (I love it but who wouldn’t!).

Have you ever bought a present for someone else and then kept it for yourself?
Haha, no! But I might have gotten the same thing for me afterwards if it has been so cool.

3. Favourite Christmas song?

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” or “All I want for Christmas is you”. At least those to are playing in my head all the time right now.

4. Favourite part of Christmas?

When everyone is gathered together around the tree talking and just spending time together. Also wrapping presents is so much fun!

5. Would you prefer Christmas in the winter or summer?
Winter but I have to admit I wouldn’t say no to a Christmas vacation on a tropical island either…

6. Christmas or New Years?
I like both but I choose Christmas because it’s more about family and quality time. It’s not too often the whole family is at the same place at the same time now that we are older.

7. Do you like Christmas Jumpers?
Yes, but unfortunately I have never had one. I will have to get one for myself for next year. The uglier the better, hehe.

8. Do you still get excited for Christmas Day?
In Scandinavia we open presents on Christmas Eve and that’s still a little bit exciting day. I still want to keep a small part of the Christmas magic in me.

9. Favourite Christmas film?
Hmm. Home Alone 2 is cozy. Also on Christmas Eve morning in Finland everyone watches this old animation “The Snowman” and that makes Christmas for many.

10. Did you/ Do you believe in Santa?
Of course, he lives in Finland!

11. Do you enjoy wrapping presents?
I love it! That’s my favorite part of Christmas preparations.

12. Favourite Christmas Tree colour?
A real green tree it has to be.

And my nominates are:









Enjoy the Christmas Tag, ladies!

– Jenni

18 Replies to “Christmas Tag”

  1. I love wrapping presents too! This was my first year doing it for myself without it being my mom and me knowingwhat we got each other and wrapping together! I’ve loved it because nobody I got things for is aware of what I got them! It brings so much excitement! Thank you soooo much for the nomination!


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