I have always considered myself as a summer child but I also really enjoy winter. And for me, the best thing about winter has to be snow. I love snow!
I grew up in Finland in a city called “Kuopio”. There was always a lot of snow during the winters when I was a child so I feel like something is truly missing if there is no snow in sight.

My current hometown is not known for especially snowy winters but we got the first snow here yesterday and it hasn’t melted away immediately so all good so far. You can imagine how happy I am!
The second thing about winter that comes to my mind is walking outside in the fresh air. Everything looks so peaceful and beautiful. I love home and everything cozy, so coming home after a fresh walk in crispy weather has to be mentioned on the side; warming up in front of a fireplace, lighting up candles and drinking tea under a blanket. Perfect!
The third thing I love about winter is ice-skating! I was in a figure skating team when I was younger so I created a passion for ice-skating at an early age. I love the feeling of almost flying on the ice even though I’m clearly not as good as I used to be. But that’s one thing to add to my bucket list for the next year: find my skates and go ice-skating more!
What are your favorite things about winter?
– Jenni
Kesän lapsikin on innoissaan talvesta, etenkin kun on lunta! Kolme lempiasiaani talvessa onkin: lumi, kävelyretket ulkona sekä luistelu. Terveisiä vaan Kuopioon: sieltä on tarttunut hyviä, lumisia talvimuistoja!

30 Replies to “My favorite things about winter”

  1. Right now I'm in Japan so the winter is pretty mild here, but I go to college in Albany and we get so much snow there! I used to love snow when I was a kid but now when I see it's snowing I just go 'Oh no' 😂


  2. That is a lovely post! I really enjoy the snow for a few days haha! After that I get a little tired of it but I still think it is beautiful and magical! I love seeing the snow on top of the houses and the trees.

    It is perfect some tea or hot chocolate under the blanket and some Netflix haha :)!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I am a huge lover of snow! I adore winter and freezy weather, but it looks like this is over here in Poland. Recently I have read one article about the climate changes and in Poland winters will getting warmer, because ice on Geenland is melting and winds over the Atlantic Ocean will blow in another directions. I think partly it has been already done, because the several last winters were very warm. We have a pond nearby, sameone freed a few turtles there. Can you imagine, that these turtles have survived already a few winters? So we have turtles now ha ha! and daisies I saw in these days … Snow I have seen in tv, while I was watching some cross-counrty ski competition in Lillehammer. Beautiful sight, alike your post is gorgeous… But this is really over here.


  4. I'm sad that it's getting more and more like that everywhere. Turtles are cute though but I have never considered them as winter animals :D. We should take better care of our environment for sure.


  5. Loved this post! I don't particularly get to see snow, or even cold breezes, where I live–it's a hot country, so this list made me super happy. The pretty photos made me happy, too ❤


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