It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This year I am slowly but steadily getting into the Christmas spirit. I have read so lovely Christmas posts lately that I feel like Christmas is just around the corner. And as a small shock to myself it is: only 16 days left!
I am especially exited about Christmas because after three years in Norway, this year me and my boyfriend have plain tickets to Finland and we’re spending the Christmas and welcoming the New Year there with my family. Without a doubt the best Christmas present this year is to spend so much time with all of my loved ones.
But before I can completely jump into the Christmas spirit, I still have one more exam to pass. I hope all the chocolate I have bought to our house will help me to achieve the goals, heh.
Even though I have to keep this slow pace at posting right now, I would gladly read more Christmassy posts so feel free to leave a link to your blog posts below so I can check them out. And remember, it’s only 16 days to Christmas!
 – Jenni
Tänä vuonna olen erityisen innoissani joulusta, sillä pääsemme avomieheni kanssa viettämään sitä kotoisiin maisemiin Suomeen. Se onkin ehdottomasti paras lahja tänä vuonna! Joulun lisäksi vietämme myös uuden vuoden Suomessa, joten pääsemme oikein kunnolla rentoutumaan hyvässä ja rakkaassa seurassa. Sitä ennen on itselläni kuitenkin vielä vuorossa viimeinen tentti ja siihen luku, mutta sen jälkeen aion päästää joulun hengen sisälläni valloilleen.

Tykkään lukea jouluaiheisia kirjoituksia, ja kommenttikenttään saakin mielellään jättää linkkejä joululuettavaan. Enää 16 päivää jouluun!

12 Replies to “Christmas is almost here”

  1. Poor you with this exam! Although I'm sure you will pass it as well :-)I think it makes this time harder… I have never had an exam before Christmas, but I imagine how nervous atmosphere it creates. I am also getting into this festive spirit, since I bought dried mushrooms. Dried mushrooms is a must here in Poland. You have to make a homemade fill to small dumplings, then the dumplings are in the soup borstch, and this is our traditional soup for Christmas Eve supper. I wish a great and special time with your closests 🙂


  2. I like a lot of foods that come from Poland so I'm sure that soup is delicious :). And preparing things for the Holidays makes the await even more exciting.
    Thank you for giving me hope to pass the exam, it's the hardest one so far. But like said, after that I'm all about Christmas :).


  3. Great post! I’m actually hoping to spend Christmas with my boyfriend also! We are trying to work out how to do Christmas with both of our families! This isn’t our first Christmas together but we want to be together still cause it’s myself favorite holiday! I hope your christmas with family and you boyfriend is amazing!


  4. Thank you :)! I hope you also figure out a way to spend the Christmas with both of your families. It's not always an easy task and all families have their own traditions. Then couples just have to create own new traditions with the two families :).


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