Alga Maris Organic Sun Spray

I’m a summer child and enjoy spending most of the hot summer days outside. It means that I and good sun lotion are an inseparable team.

This year I got to test something completely new and exciting to me: an organic sun spray. Thanks for this opportunity goes to the House of Organic. They kindly sent this product (and a few others presented later on the blog) all the way from Finland to me to test. Now, after a few weeks of testing in good summer weather, I am ready to give my honest review.

The product that I got to test is “Certified Organic Sun Spray SPF30” from Alga Maris. Alga Maris is a French label that provides only certified organic products, including sun products for the whole family.

The spray itself is handy to use and the best part of it is its fragrance: it smells mildly fresh coconuts and shea butter. The texture is pleasant because it feels very light on the skin. Also, it doesn’t get sticky during the day. The only minus side I got to notice was the product leaving small white marks on the skin. But that’s the problem with most sun lotions and sprays.

SPF 30 means high coverage and that’s enough for a fair to medium type of skin. My skin is quite fair but tans easily. I noticed that some of the days when the sun was really scorching, I could have had higher SPF especially on my face but most of the days SPF30 was enough. I had already gotten some tan before I got this product on my hands, so it’s very possible that I would have needed a higher SPF in the beginning.

Here are my pluses and minuses of this product:
+ Lovely scent
+ Easy to use and pleasant texture
+ Long-lasting coverage
+ Organic and also Ecocert and Cosmébio certified
– Not as waterproof as I had hoped
– Left white marks on the skin

So all in all, I was very pleased with this product and Alga Maris in general. Compared to the non-organic products on the market, this one definitely stands on the same line when it comes to protecting your skin and texture wise. I can recommend this sun spray and I’m sure that for me this is just a beginning of finding new favorites in organic range. I was very positively surprised.

Also, I didn’t know before that some of the sun lotions on the market are actually polluting the waters and damaging nature. Alga Maris sun products are environment-friendly so you can feel free to go swimming in the sea.

Remember that enjoying the sun safely is the most important thing you can do for your skin so good sun protection should always include high enough SPF. Also covering your skin from the strongest mid-day sun rays, and having breaks in shade are highly recommended. And drinking enough water, especially on hot days is a must!

Everything you need for an organic skincare, you can find here. House of Organic have super friendly customer service and they have the knowledge to recommend products directly to you. They are shipping only in Finland at the moment, but their international website and shop are launching soon so have a sneak peak. At the moment there is a lot of quality products in a summer sale.

Happy summer days! And I’m so happy to be back to blogging :)!

– Jenni

Summer bag

You could say that May is the final countdown to summer. Spring has taken a lot longer than usual to arrive this year, but I’m hoping that only means a warmer and longer summer. Because of all the changes in weather, it was not until now that I was able to let go of all the thick clothes and say hello to the pretty and light spring and summer clothes and accessories. It’s about time to welcome the warmer season!

When I went through the storage I also found this summer bag that I had made two years ago. It’s the first and so far the only one I’ve ever made, but since it was quite a lot of fun to make, I’m sure it wasn’t the last one either.

I used basic cotton yarn to crochet the bag itself, and I also had small recycled leather pieces to work with and add the finishing touches. So, apart from the leather handle that I got from an old handbag, it’s all handmade. Adds a touch of summer to any outfit, so it’s perfect time to take it to use. I really hope we get the warm breath of spring to continue.

How is the spring weather there where you are? Have you been able to get rid of your winter clothes yet?

– Jenni


 Summer bag


 Summer bag


 Summer bag


 Summer bag


 Summer bag

Parin vuoden takainen kesäkassi osui taas silmiini, kun lajittelin kesävaatteita ja asusteita kaappiin talvivaatteiden tilalle. Tuli heti kesäinen fiilis, ja nyt toivonkin, että tänä kesänä saadaan nauttia vähän enemmän auringosta kuin viime vuonna! Joko siellä on saanut jättää talvivaatteet unholaan?

Spring in the kitchen

I’ve been bitten by a huge inspiration bug lately (well, when wouldn’t I be, heh!) and that’s exactly what I have been doing: moving furniture, small things and plants back and forth. This post is just part 1 of many so there is more to come later.
There is a wall/corner in our kitchen that has felt boring and plain since we moved here. I haven’t been sure what it has been missing but obviously, it was some green. I took few plants from our living room since we have so many there and they found a new place in the kitchen corner. Now it looks so much more alive and happy corner!
We are really pleased with the change and I personally think that the boring corner doesn’t look boring at all anymore. What do you think? Do you use plants to decorate at home?

– Jenni

Meidän viherkasvikokoelma on nyt levittäytynyt myös keittiöön. Tylsä keittiön nurkkaus sai pirteän ilmeen muutamalla viherkasvilla. Miltä näyttää? Onko sinulla kasveja keittiössä luomassa tunnelmaa?

Haugesund on a sunny day

On a sunny day like this, there’s no denying that I am in love with Haugesund. This small town might seem like it’s a sleepy one but a little bit of sun and warmth and you can feel it’s beating heart again. And when I say a small town, I mean 36 000 inhabitants so it’s not like a small village. But feels still quite tiny for a girl from a city that has a population of 642 000 (I’m talking about Helsinki here).

Located on the coastline of Norway, Haugesund has a lot of waterlines and the city center is basically build to have easy contact with the fishermen and fishing industry back in the days. Because back in the day, Haugesund was mainly known for its huge source of herring and it’s still one of the things that locals are very proud of. Even an International Jazz Festival that is being held in Haugesund,  is called “Sildajazz” which can be translated directly to “Herring Jazz”. Funny detail, right?

The Norwegian International Film Festival is also being held in Haugesund every year, just after the jazz festival, so there sure happens a lot for a small city at that time. But most of the times it’s just a pretty little place with a peaceful, quiet atmosphere.
On a sunny day, it’s just so beautiful in here. Have a small tour in Haugesund!
Haugesund City Hall
Spring flowers
Sign of spring

Marilyn enjoying the view

The landmark of Haugesund, The bridge

Boat season is here!

The main restaurant street

I love the architecture of the harbor

“Haraldsgata” is the main street of the city center

I hope you all got the same, cozy feeling of the little tour to my hometown as I did. When it rains, it’s easy to forget how much beauty there really is around here. Luckily there are sunny days like this as a reminder.

– Jenni

Winner of the spring giveaway

Feels like March went by faster than ever and now we’re already in April. Just wow. The older you get the faster the time goes by, right?

Yesterday was the last day to participate in my spring giveaway and I want to say thank you to everyone who took part. My boyfriend helped me to pick up one lucky winner. And the winner this time is…

Carolina! Congratulations! I hope this makes your Monday a little bit brighter and your days ahead filled with knitting. I hope you can send me your contact information to so I can send the package to the right address. Yey, so exciting!

I want to wish a happy new week to everyone! Stay tuned for a new blog post on Wednesday.

– Jenni

Spring giveaway

Finally everything is ready for my first ever giveaway! There are actually at least two things to celebrate: my blog having it’s 2 years birthday last month and having achieved more than 30 000 pageviews. My little one has grown so big suddenly!
I thought this was a perfect time to say a huge thank you to all of you who are reading and visiting my blog. I’m so glad to see you all here. I thought long what I wanted to include in my giveaway and I knew I wanted to give away something that is relaxing. So what better could it be than knitting stuff!

This giveaway includes: 2 sets of double pointed needles, 2 sets of circular needles, 2 x Drops Lima yarn, 1 x Sandnes Garn Sisu yarn and a small bag for small knitting equipment. I have chosen the products by myself and there is no sponsoring in this giveaway.

This is how you can enter the giveaway:
1) Leave me a comment below of what you would like to see more on this blog.
2) Let me also know if you’re following me on Twitter, Google+ or have subscribed to my blog so you’ll get an extra chance to win!
This giveaway ends on 8th of April and I will announce the winner on my blog on the 9th of April. The winner will be chosen randomly so everyone who has left a comment has a chance to win. Good luck to everyone! Lots of love!

– Jenni

Keväinen arvonta, johon voit osallistua näin: Kerro kommenttikentässä mitä haluaisit nähdä lisää tässä blogissa. Jos seuraat minua Twitterissä, Google+:ssa tai olet liittynyt blogini tilaajaksi, kerro se kommenttisi ohessa ja sinulla on tuplamahdollisuus voittoon. Arvonta päättyy 8. huhtikuuta ja voittaja arvotaan ja ilmoitetaan 9. huhtikuuta. 

Onnea matkaan kaikille ja suuri kiitos kun olet mukana blogini menossa!

My favorite things about spring

There are so many good sides to every season. With all the increased amount of light, spring is most definitely the season when it’s time to create new, re-organize, de-clutter and of course do a good spring clean at home. You feel like it’s new life and new you. I wanted to share my top 5 of spring so here it is!
1. Walking around the city center and having a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop. Actually, my favorite thing in any season is walking around our city center but especially in spring. I love looking at the old, beautiful buildings and “window shop” and just gather new ideas.

2. Re-decorating at home. Old furniture gets a completely new look when you move them around and add them differently together. Getting new ideas while window shopping and reading those ah, glossy decorative magazines help to see your old furniture on a new pair of eyes. I turned our office corner into a cozy corner and it became my favorite spot of the house immediately! (It’s a work in process so more pics will be coming later.)

3. Cleaning outside and enjoying the new life. Absolutely my favorite thing as soon as the snow melts away and the ground is not completely frozen. I love working in our yard and garden and spring is the perfect time to plan. I can’t wait to sit outside in the sun when it gets a little bit warmer, and I can’t wait for the first freckles to appear on my nose!

4. Going through my wardrobe. Every spring there is something that I want to get rid off immediately and something that I fall in love again. Putting things on sale on the internet or second-hand stores is a cool way to get rid of old clothes and you also might make a small profit at the same time. By the way, is it possible to own too many striped shirts? My answer is no…

5. Easter. I don’t have any specific relationship to Easter but I really love all the colorful decorations that come along with it! Last year my mom was visiting me here from Finland and she got me the most adorable Easter napkins. Now I just have to find all the other Easter decorations and get some color to our house.

So these were my top 5 things of spring. I’m writing this post on my new favorite place, the cozy corner and sipping on coffee. Sun is shining and it couldn’t feel more like spring is here. I think it’s soon time to run out and hunt those freckles! What do you enjoy most about spring?

P.s. The giveaway I mentioned earlier will be in my next post, stay tuned!

Creative break

I have started to write this post probably a hundred times. It seems like I have a writer’s block every year at this time and nothing comes out. I don’t know if it happens because I can finally spend more time outside, and enjoy all the things I have missed all winter (like working in our yard and garden).

Or maybe it’s just to re-charge the batteries of creativity and get back with a lot of inspiration and head full of new ideas. For me that feels more comfortable than force out something that I don’t enjoy writing. So after enjoying outdoors and upcoming spring, I’m back to the blogging world and feel relieved that I can enjoy writing again. And to be honest, I have really missed writing and my blog and all of you!

Now that my creative break is over, I can also reveal that exciting things are happening on my blog: I’m so close to reaching one goal of page views here and that means a small giveaway is happening soon. I’m super excited because to me it’s the first one ever. Yikes! So good things are happening and I’m so glad I can share them with you. Spring is such an exciting time!

– Jenni

Our newest add to the plant family is this beauty

Pieni breikki venyi vähän oletettua pidemmäksi, mutta täällä ollaan taas. Näköjään tällainen pieni luova tauko on itselleni tarpeeksi aina jossain vaiheessa kevättä, jotta pääsen keräilemään luovuutta ja inspiraatiota sekä tekemään pihatöitä (ja niitä riittää talven jäljiltä!).

Ilokseni huomasin, että pikku blogini lähestyy pian  suurta kävijämäärän rajapyykkiä, jonka kunniaksi olen päättänyt järjestää pienen arvonnan. Siitä lisää myöhemmin. Kevät on jännää aikaa!

Valentine’s Day – Yes or No?

Valentine’s Day is the day of the year that most people have some opinion about: Some people can’t hide all the joy and excitement while some are hiding all the loneliness and sorrow they feel. And of course, for some people – including me – it’s just a day among others.

I like to think Valentine’s Day as an extra possibility to say or do something nice to those who I adore and those who are close to my heart. Without having too much pressure and high hopes of amazing and spectacular dates, Valentine’s Day stays as a nice day to celebrate our closest ones: partners, friends or family.

But I’m absolutely not against Valentine’s Day and celebrating love: If you’re in a relationship, enjoy the day to the fullest and don’t be afraid to show the love you have for each other. If you want to celebrate the day with your best friends, go ahead and tell them how amazing they are. And if you spend the day alone: celebrate yourself, create a nice day doing things you enjoy the most and don’t feel sad. After all Valentine’s Day is just one day and your happiness is not dependent on it.
I hope everyone is having a happy Valentine’s Day – however or whomever you spend it with!

– Jenni

Ihanaa ystävänpäivää kaikille teille, ja etenkin omille ystävilleni ja rakkailleni siellä ruudun toisella puolella. Ystävänpäivä on aina, mutta etenkin silloin harvoin kun nähdään. Välimatkaa voi olla kilometreissä paljon, mutta olette aina lähellä sydäntäni. Hyvää ystävänpäivää!

Green life

February is the month of the year when I start waking up of hibernation. Whenever there is more natural light, I have noticed over the years that it works on me like magic: I get so active and energetic that I’m like a new person.
This is the time of the year when we can see new life also in green plants after the long, dark winter. Like us humans, also plants need light to grow bigger and stronger. It’s quite easy to notice when you have surrounded yourself with them and that’s exactly what we have done: we have a lot of green plants around us at home. A lot. The accurate amount is 29 and I have a feeling that there is still more to come…
Personally, I like indoor plants so much because I can create a space that has a lot of life and good energy in it even when it’s grey and cold outside. In my opinion, plants make every home look very cozy. Exotic plants also remind me of different places in the world. And they clear the air, not the least!
I really enjoy working with plants indoors and in summertime outdoors and find it a very relaxing hobby. Luckily my boyfriend has also a big green thumb so we share the passion for this together. We did a lot of replanting last weekend because many of the plants looked tired and some of them also needed bigger pots.
I hope these pictures can share the spring vibe to all of you that most of us are so eagerly waiting for. Spring is coming, it’s ahead!

– Jenni

Helmikuu on uuden elämän aikaa sekä itselleni että meidän lukuisille viherkasveille, kiitos lisääntyneen luonnonvalon. Toivottavasti tämä vehreys saa kaikille kevään mieleen, vaikka ulkona näkyisikin vielä lunta. Kyllä se kevät sieltä on tuloillaan, hetkenä minä hyvänsä!